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    SubjectRe: procfs problems
    On 15 Apr 1997, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
    > > Those of you interested in discussing design flaws with the current procfs
    > > filesystem, take a look at
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > I invite comments.
    > Well regarding your /proc/cpuinfo format, I think we could fix this
    > problem by just making sure that the very first line of the cpuinfo
    > holds the port name.
    > Something like:
    > /proc/cpuinfo:
    > port : {i386,alpha,sparc,ppc,mips}
    > And then, if people want to parse any of the extra information, they
    > should know the architecture specific information on the CPU before
    > attempting to parse it.

    It should be standardized. Right now there's *no* standardization in the
    kernel, which makes parsing the information the biggest pain in the ass.
    Having to write 5 different parsers for the same information is *not* the
    way to go.

    Note that I'm not necessarily complaining about that each architecture has
    its own information, I'm complaining about crap like this:

    BogoMIPS : 163.57

    bogomips : 35.84

    BogoMips : 24.88

    HELLO??? McFly???? Does this make ANY sense?


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