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SubjectRe: ISS patch problem?
On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, David S. Miller wrote:

> Ok, all reports seem to indicate that after up to 30 seconds the
> problems disappear.
> This means the socket is hanging around in the lookup tables until a
> timeout occurs.
> Are you just killing off sendmail, then trying to start it back up
> right there and then, and this is when you see the error? If so, this
> should be easy to track down, fix, test, and get into test4.

I can confirm this. Had httpd (Apache 1.1.1) abort and got the same bind
error on attempting to restart. In this case, it was the campus master
web server, so I didn't hang around to see if it would time out, I
rebooted. :-)

Oh, but I LOVE the speed on my 100Mb networks...

-Jonathan _ _
Jonathan A. Davis | Academic Systems Analyst | Hattiesburg/Gulf Park/Stennis
Computing Center | Box 5171 | 39401-5171 | (601) 266-4103 | | Linux: The choice of a GNU generation

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