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    SubjectRe: TCP Stall
    MEMO TO:	All Development Employees
    FROM : John Jones, Executive Vice President, Linux Development
    RE : Poor attitudes toward customers

    Enclosed below are excerpts from correspondence I had the recent
    displeasure of receiving:

    > Gentlemen,
    > I have been looking into the TCP Stall problem when FTPing
    > files between Linux machines via a PPP link. This problem
    > also occurs with remotely mounted file-systems. I have
    > reported this problem over 10 times during the past two
    > years and I have recorded at least 25 other instances in
    > which other users have reported the same problem.
    > Apparently this problem is not considered important because
    > absolutely nothing has been done about it for over two
    > years. There have been no experimental patches from Network
    > gurus attempting to fix this very real and very troublesome
    > problem.
    > Instead, I see on the "list" much more important ideas about
    > graphical boot-up and other esoterics.
    > Will someone please look into this?

    Ignoring customers such as this person will NOT be tolerated. Remember:
    "Our customers are the reason we are here". Developers who continue to
    ignore clients such as this one risk reduced bonuses, suspension of
    development privileges and, in extreme cases, termination.

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