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29 Mar 1997

[New] Re: linux-kernel-digest V1 #810Joshua Shriver
Re: objdump and wanting to build old 2.0.29 kernelDerrik Pates
[New] linux-kernel FAQ?Eric Hoeltzel
[New] Matrox Mystique PCI id (pci.c/pci.h update)Riccardo Facchetti
[New] Re: Linux Kernel 2.0.30 Released(Harald Milz)
[New] characteristics of a "raw" device (scsi sharing, databases)(Steven S. Dick)
[New] LILO/NT4/WIN95/LINUX on the same machine (Was: Re: LILO - NT and ...Ove Ewerlid
RE: Modules in 2.1.30Philip Blundell
Re: fs/inode.c reimplementationIngo Molnar
Re: SMP update: 2.1.30Mark Hemment
Re: SMP update: 2.1.30Ingo Molnar
Re: SMP update: 2.1.30Ingo Molnar
[New] Re: fs/inode.c reimplementation(Alberto Vignani)
Re: setsockopt()(Alan Cox)
Re: netatalk and dummy patch for 2.1.29(Alan Cox)
Re: memory leak in 2.1.2[79], bridging or LLC(Alan Cox)
[New] fork bomb protection patch, 2.1.30Ingo Molnar
Re: announce: kernel tracer, 2.1.30Ingo Molnar
[New] Re: Matrox Mystique PCI id (pci.c/pci.h update)"Andrew Vanderstock"
[New] Re: LILO - NT and Linux"Andrew Vanderstock"
[New] Re: Wanted `libXm` libraryJuergen Sauer
Re: CMD IDE & waffle on graphics startup crapJoseph Skinner
Re: Max users on Linux based FTP Site"James L. McGill"
[New] 2.1 kernel bloat revisited kdp0101@hpmail ...
Re: 2.1 kernel bloat revisited Eric.Schenk@dna ...
Re: genksyms- compile problem with kernel versions"Donald R. Harter Jr."
[New] tracing kernelMatei Conovici
[New] 2K save for fs/ext2/fsync.c kdp0101@hpmail ...
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