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SubjectRe: Now, why didn't we think of this before?
> While I'm at it, does anyone think we should alter the name of Linux to be
> LinuxOS ? :-)

Since most of the Linux support channels on irc have malicious, stupid and
thoughtless bans on the entire aol and compuserve domains, and I happened
to have compuserve as an internet provider some time back, I happened to
stumble across the #LinuxOS channel on Efnet. So far, its been way cooler
than the dozen #Linux channels that thrive on the many IRC networks that
dot the net.

You can get some valuable resources from our web page, including the
easiest, most effective introduction to sockets programming for newbies
thats on the web, plus various effective demonstrations of things channel
members have done with linux. Oh, we have Xtris and Quake tournaments too

Ours is also the only #Linux channel where females of the species are
known to hang out regularly.. Make of that what you will.

Come visit us sometime.


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