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    SubjectRe: Now, why didn't we think of this before?

    Let's implement system calls via RPC while we are at it...

    A few things:

    1) threaded kernel is being worked on, we should be scaling nicely
    on SMP as a result some time in the near future

    2) re-entrant kernel, in the cases where it even makes sense to do
    so we will get it for free via #1, if you want a pre-emptive kernel
    that is another story all together

    Memory may be cheap, however on chip cache is not. This is one of the
    biggest arguments against persistant resizable storage, and why real
    systems continue to be monolithic and written in C/Assembler.

    People who want a Linux kernel in Java VM, go ahead be my guest and
    implement such a thing. However I will never encourage anyone to use
    it who happens to care about performance. I have enough trouble
    getting every last cycle out of the kernel using C and Assembler.
    (try to get 1200 web operations per second on a Java VM based kernel
    using current processors, not gonna happen)

    Eventually perhaps systems will be fast enough that a Java VM written
    kernel would have even passable performance. It will be quite a
    statement of how we can waste CPU cycles, the VLSI guys are
    essentially wasting their time at such a point because the software
    people are in a state of delirium. If we have left it any time
    recently, this would put us right back into the software crisis
    again that everyone moans about.

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