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SubjectRe: /dev on Ramdisk cause panic?
groan. mke2fs wasn't automagically determining the size of the filesystem.

i also found that minix was a lot better suited for this.

momentarily having an empty /dev didn't seem to break anything,
but now that everything works, i just write a prepopulated fs to
/dev/ram before mounting it.

thanks for responses,

On Sun, Mar 23, 1997 at 08:34:01PM -0500, Joshua Spoerri wrote:
> tar czf /dev.tgz -C /dev .
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ram bs=1k count=32; sync
> mke2fs /dev/ram; sync
> mount -t ext2 /dev/ram /dev
> tar xzf /dev.tgz -C /dev
> quickly causes a kernel panic. why?
> (it is very useful for readonly /.)

Joshua Spoerri

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