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SubjectRe: Linux Networking Status/Plans as of 2.1.28
   Date: 	Sat, 8 Mar 97 20:07 GMT
From: (Alan Cox)

Bugs in ip_fragmentation, some races it would appear from dumps. TCP
needs some work doing on it. Routing has some clean ups pending. Alexey is
promising serious magic with his next patches so as soon as I get them we find
out. There may be some interface breakage to come. Other folk are working
on syn-protection/syn-cookies. Nobody is currently working on the TCP problems,
but we may well get some of that from the 2.0.29ISS work.

SMBfs over IPv4 apparently doesn't work. I don't think anyone is working
on this issue.

Probably needs a new maintainer now. No work in progress.

Eric Schenk and myself have agreed to co-maintain the core parts
of IPv[46] together. At least for the time being.

We both have a good idea of how to plane all of the TCP code down and
make it scream. The TCP bugs should be all killed within a reasonable
amount of time.

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