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SubjectRe: Inter-Kernel Communications (Multi Kernel Clusters)


> There are some funny special cases that need to be considered. How
> does your proposal handling failing components in the cluster? Imagine
> a network failure that split your cluster in two parts, each fully
> functional but unconnected to the rest. The so called split-brain
> syndrome. Now each cluster half will continue processing and assumes
> it is authoritive? Imagine a database system being split up into
> two systems ...

The VMS clusters handles this very nice by using a voting mechanism where
each member has 0-N votes, and the sum of the votes must be a minimum of
the "quorum" or "expected votes". If not, each cluster member will freeze
the quorum has been reestablished. This algorithm is very simple yet very
clever since it works - always !!!

Member A (1 vote)
Member B (1 vote)
Member C (1 vote)

= 3 votes

Expected Votes = (3 (total) / 2) + 1 = 2 (Quorum)

This gives that if one system leaves the cluster (network partitioned),
then the
remaining two nodes still has <Quorum> votes and can continue. The third
node will NOT have enough votes (and does not see any other nodes) so it
will freeze until the connectivity is reestablished.

In a two-node cluster the same scheme can be achived by using a locally
connected (or shared) disk as a voting member with 1 vote.


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