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SubjectRe: RC5 Challenge - Linux at Top

> Join the fun! Download the client, and run it with the options
> -i
> Be the shining light of your community!
> If the $10,000 magic key is found by, the money will go
> to Linux International's Linux development fund.
> Start your machines cracking!
> /rc5-client-linux-{i486,i586,sparc,alpha} -i

An attempt to break a 56 bit key is right now quite out of reach of
of a an Internet project. RC5-32/12/4 took 3.5h, RC5-32/12/5 took
13 days with far more computing power and more optimized software.
The 56 bit challenge RC5-32/12/6 will need again about 256 times as
long, that's 8 years _average_.

There is a reason why the challenge from did not immidiately
go over to a 56 bit key, be it DES or RC5: The effort compared to
the money to win is high and the political impact of not breaking the
key very fast might be to proofe that 56 bit key are secure enough -
why they're definately not.


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