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    SubjectRe: Big mallocs, mmap sorrows and double buffering.
    > Matti Aarnio <> writes:
    > | > Since PROT_WRITE is not set this is in effect a shared mapping (and Linux
    > | > internally handles it like a shared mapping).
    > |
    > | Hmm.. Ok, perhaps it is so. It just isn't obvious.
    > The down side is that where write() returns status, mmap() gives you a
    > segmentation fault or bus error if the write failed for any reason
    > (like, the disk got full). Also, there's no analog to fsync() to make
    > sure that the data has actually hit stable storage.
    Yes there is, it's called "msync". It's more flexible in that the range to
    be sync'd is specified.


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