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    SubjectRe: PROPOSAL: /proc/dev
    > Why not?  If you could give us some good reasons why not then we probably
    > will drop it. But several times, I have heard this come up, and never a
    > good reason why it shouldn't be done. The two reasons that I have heard are:
    > 1) Memory usage -- so if you can't spare the memory, don't use it!
    > 2) Lack of user configurablity (IE different permissions, different names)
    > -- so we have callbacks through a userspace daemon. Or we let people
    > write really simple kernelspace modules. (Basicly a big select and a
    > function call or three with constant arguments for each case.)

    These are the arguments the proponents shoot down constantly, but they
    never address any of the REAL (IMO) problems (although the kernel
    space usage is likely to be prohibitive if done anything remotely like
    correctly.) YOU REALLY DON'T WANT CALLBACKS -- if you do, then your
    device performance and reliability is going straight into the toilet.

    At some point I'll probably get my act together and write an FAQ on
    this. I'm sick and tired of rehashing the same argument every four
    months for about four years now...


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