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    SubjectRe: nfs client error w/2.1.76 wrote:

    > It comes back fine. However, the amount of messages in the log for
    > connection refused is much higher than in the case of ripped-out-cable
    > or kswapd-won't-give-adequate-size-hunks-of-RAM-for-the-ip-fragment-
    > buffer-to-grow.

    Perhaps we should be setting a flag in the client structure when an
    error 111 comes in, and not reporting it more than once until a
    subsequent RPC call succeeds? If you had a lot of NFS work in progress
    when the server rebooted you probably would see lots of complaints.

    > And it was the RPC: apparent errors which worried me. These should be
    > labeled as warnings or fixed.

    Agreed that the messages seem rather dire -- it may be that other
    strange problems will trigger the condition as well.


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