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    SubjectRe: soundblaster problems in 2.1.74 and 2.1.75
    > Why do I continue to get unresolved symbols in sb.o (2.1.76, a fresh
    > copy), why can't I no longer put the sb parameters in during make
    > config or make menuconfig and why do I continue to get
    > cp: sound_syms.o : No such file or directory
    > during make modules_install?

    1. What symbols are causing you problems. SB seems to be ok for me
    (I use sb)

    2. Because the module doesnt compile them in anyway. They are command
    line arguments as with other modules. Sound now behaves like everything

    3. Because I've not had time to do the surgery on the makefiles to make
    it generate symbol versions for sound_syms.o even though its part
    of a module not a module


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