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    SubjectRe: 2.1.72 and kernel NFSD
    Peter Horton wrote:
    > modprobe nfs
    > rpc.portmap
    > rpc.mountd
    > rpc.nfsd
    > mount localhost:/vfat /mnt
    > Works fine, no error (the rpc.* code is from a Linux 2.0 distribution).
    > modprobe nfsd
    > modprobe nfs
    > rpc.portmap
    > mountd
    > mount localhost:/vfat /mnt
    > Fails (using mountd from linux-nfs-0.4.21, or the original rpc.mountd).
    > Have I got the right version of everything ?

    I think you need to add a
    knfsd 2

    after the mountd command (knfsd or whatever you call the command.) Doing
    ps -ax

    command afterwards should show two nfsd processes, a lockd, and a
    rpciod. There's an example script for loading modules and starting
    daemons in the linux-nfs package.


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