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Subject2048 byte block size problems

I have to install a 2048 block size device (Fujitsu MO) on a i586 Linux box.
After installing the patch for 2k blocks from Linux no longer boots
from the IDE harddisk giving the following error message:

hda1 hda2 hda3 <hda3: bad access: block=0, cont=2
end_request: I/O error, dev 03:03, sector 0
attempt to access beyond end of device
03:02 rw=0, want=2, limit=0
EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock

After that the kernel tries to mount root as FAT or isofs and fails aswell.

Removing the patch brings Linux back to live but renders my MO drive useless.
The patch also works fine for my SCSI-only-computer at home.

I already contacted the original author (
last week but got no reply yet.

Is there anything I can do let the system boot from an IDE drive with the patch
installed? Is there a better/newer patch for 2k block sizes available?
When will Linux support this block size by default anyway?


P.S. I tried this patch both on a 2.0.30 an .31 kernel.
Unfortunately I do not have a spare SCSI disk to install and boot from
for testing.

P.P.S Does some *BSD (or other free i386 *nix) support 2k blocks, ext2 and ISDN?

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