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SubjectRe: Pentium (and Cyrix) DEATH in user-mode
Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your feedback. Meanwhile I have tested my 6x86MX rev 1.3 and
I can confirm that it has the same problem as the 6x86L and your rev 1.7
6x86. So it's a family problem ;-)

Note that the 6x86 does not stop like the Pentium; it goes into an
infinite loop. The Intel part dies, the Cyrix goes into a coma...

Anyway there is a simple solution to the 6x86 problem, whereas right now
I am starting to write a letter asking for a refund or a replacement for
an old Pentium 133 I had in a drawer. :-( I would prefer a refund.

B. James Phillippe wrote:
> FWIW, the Mike
> Jagdis patch claims this should be a useful performance-enhancing feature
> to have on all the time anyway (although since it wasn't working, I guess
> it wasn't tested very well).
Isn't it a lot simpler to just add a line to an rc.cyrix script?

Plus you don't even have to recompile your kernel. Plus you can set the
ARRs and get a _real_ performance increase.

Try it, I am certain you'll like it.

Anyway, as soon as the NO_LOCK thingy is sufficiently tested I will add
it to _my_ small patch. It adds 4 lines to the source and < 10 bytes to
the executable.

Andrew D. Balsa
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