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    SubjectRe: Cyrix patch : Proposal?
    On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Andre Derrick Balsa wrote:

    > Hello,
    > Teunis, I would *not* want to see the (fixed) 2.1.39 Cyrix patch go into
    > the kernel source, as it stands now.
    > I have a simple technical reason, and a more "philosophical" reason for
    > this.
    > Technical: no performance gains
    > ==========
    > Philosophical: kernel pollution vs. user-space utility
    > ==============

    An excellent commentary. This was one of the arguments I was looking for
    actually - I wanted to know why it WASN'T already included.

    As things sit:
    - the 2.1.6x VGER snapshot has some of the cyrix patch present, so
    this will make it into the kernel :)
    - Cyrix _DETECTION_ is absolutely necessary, regardless of any other
    - For the performance/paging/... changes you're right - this patch
    does not address those properly. But it does address them
    at all which prepares the way for a formal policy. Not all
    of the processor features are possible to enable in userspace
    (VSPM + caching changes as examples IIRC)

    I could get angry at cyrix for making a nonstandard detection policy, but
    there's no point. Their cpu line is compatible with the i586 line and it
    would be best if compilers could recognize such a processor to tailor
    programs for efficiency.

    Not everyone writes/uses software for distribution.
    (if that were the case i386 support would be the only thing necessary...
    for intel processor support...)

    I wonder how many of these things are going to appear again for other CPU
    clone manufacturers? (eg: alpha cpu clones)

    As a sort of completion : Sorry about the mess on linux-kernel - I didn't
    realize when I posted that cyrix support had made it into 2.1.6x vger :)
    ... Looking forward to the remerger of mainstream kernel and vger again...

    G'day, eh? :)
    - Teunis

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