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    SubjectRe: Mac is Dead (Was: Linux + Win95 simultaneously)


    <BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>I can testify here that the DR2 release of MkLinux
    on the PowerMac rocks big
    <BR>time!!&nbsp; It really demonstrates the quality and performance of
    the PowerMac
    <BR>hardware (unlike Mac OS). The developer release of Rhapsody with the
    BSD kernel
    <BR>is equaly impressive. If Apple can pull this off without screwing it
    up (or
    <BR>abandoning it, as they are famous for), they have a real genuine shot
    at giving
    <BR>WinNT and Intel a run for the money.</BLOCKQUOTE>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    And the next thing you know it, the headlines will read, "Microsoft buys
    out Apple"

    <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Not that I'm against Apple winning--I wish they'd
    knock M$ right off the market. I just don't think that Bill Gates would
    have gotten as far as he has just to let Apple come and steal the show.

    <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just the same, it doesn't hurt to wish.....

    <P>Mike Sharkey
    <BR>X11 Development
    <BR>SoftArc Inc.
    <BR><A HREF=""></A></BLOCKQUOTE>
    &nbsp; <I>"....But Fearless Leader, what country should we turn into nitwits
    <BR><I>&nbsp;"Hmmm, let's pick an easy one. The U.S. of A.!"</I>
    -- The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle</I>
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