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SubjectRe: is a user space process capable of generating a /proc filesystem entry?

> I would lilke to have something like /proc/optisafe which
> could be used to view modify these parameters from the
> command line.
> I know you can make kernel device drivers which generate /proc
> filesystem entries such as /proc/cmdline but since the OptiSAFE
> device driver would need access to the serial port communications
> I guess it would rightly belong in user space in which case I
> don't know if you can generate a proc entry.

Hmm... this might be a good candidate for a named pipe,
"/dev/optisafe", in the style of "/dev/lp" and "/dev/initctl". Unless
someone wants to patch proc so it can support such a beastie.
Shouldn't be that hard, really...?

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