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    SubjectRe: FAT text conversion
    Paul Wilkins <> writes:
    > I think it would be worthwhile to make this the default behaviour for a
    > fat mount, so that newbies would initially not have to bother with
    > conversions with their text files.

    Please, no. Not as default. It does not fix the problem of different
    file formats, but just makes it more rare, suprising and difficult
    when you encounter the problems (consider a newbie figuring out the
    lseek problem, for example).

    Emacs 20, vim and I am sure many other editors already notice DOS
    format text files and treat them properly. So it should not be a
    problem when editing them.

    When you copy files from system to another, if the extra or missing CR
    is a problem, you can remove/add them quite easily.

    Marko Kohtala -,

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