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    SubjectRe: Linux disk buffers -- how can we control it?
    On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Ingo Molnar wrote:

    > i have implemented this recently, it's a 'swapin-predictor', completely
    > kernel-based, it's similar to CPU branch prediction. It monitors per-vma
    > swapin addresses, and maintains an array 'probable next swapin' pointers
    > and probability counters. It does improve the speed of linear trashing
    > _alot_ ;) (from 80K/sec to disk speed) Not that linear trashing is a good
    > thing.
    > i've got to clean it up. I also have a hack that flips two-page COW pages
    > when doing the COW-copy, to get better cache utilization on
    > non-write-allocate CPUs... although i still fail to see any measureable
    > advantage.

    Maybe we should form a developer-group and integrate all
    mm patches into one large 'ready-to-apply' patch (I'm willing
    to volunteer for this one).
    Once we have 'enough' features we could work on debugging
    it, and once it's stable we can send it to Linus...

    I am also willing to keep the patch up-to-date against
    _every_ kernel version to come (well, development-kernels).



    Send Linux memory-management wishes to me: I'm currently looking
    for something to hack...

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