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SubjectRe: To Intel or not to Intel, that is the question. (And hardware compatability)
On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Martin Mares wrote:

> Hi,
> > Of the x86 family, I do not know of any CPU with a faster FPU than Intel.
> > Note that the Cyrix chips have at least one bug of their own, having
> > nearly the same affect on the chip as the Pentium exploit. The workaround
> > is not as effective as the Pentium one, nor is it built into the kernel.
> The workaround need not to be built in the kernel as it's sufficient
> to use the setcx86 utility to do the job.

I'm a little out of wind after a long explanation of this with Pavel
Machek, so I'll just be breif. The workaound doesn't work for me. kernel
2.1.6x, Cyrix 6x86 step 1 rev 7 P150+, Tyan Titan III. It stops the COMA,
but after stopping it, the system is unstable and crashes in X.

BTW, it's set6x86.

B. James Phillippe <bryan@Terran.ORG>
UNIX, Linux, networks, C, Perl, Java, etc.

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