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SubjectRe: TTY changes to 2.1.65
   From: Jes Degn Soerensen <>
Date: 24 Nov 1997 18:16:42 +0100

Another thing I would like to see in the generic code is an interface
to register serial drivers instead of the current approach where every
serial driver is assigned its own major.

I see no reason for wasting all these majors on this and IMHO it is a
lot better to use dynamic allocation of serial devices, thus if one
replaces a serial board with a different brand it is not necessary to
go and change the entire software setup.

It's something to think about, but doing this in a way that doesn't
break compatibility with either (a) existing systems' /dev directories
and (b) all of the existing tty device drivers will be a wee bit
challenging. It'll probably be a while before I get to this one,

I can definitely understand why something like this would be desireable
on certain platforms, though.

- Ted

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