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SubjectRe: Memory leak in kernel 2.0.32pre1.
On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Daniel Ryde wrote:

> I am beginning to suspect something that this might happen mostly during
> backup time. So it could be when reading alot from the harddrive, maby in
> conjunktion with heavy network load. I will investigate this futher and
> see how much memory it will loose during a full backup.

Ok, I found that it is easy reproduceable by:
cd /; tar clf - . | nc host discard &

Make host some other machine on the local lan. This will saturate the
network and after a few minutes the free memory buffers starts ticking
down quite fast. But on the same machine do:
cd /; tar clf - . | nc localhost discard &
cd /; tar clf - . > /dev/null &

Does not result in any noticeable memory loss.

This is rather similar to a backup. Unfortunatley this does not happen on
all machines. I have no idea why, timing maby. I have also tried a
diffrent network card (SMC EtherPower) that uses a totally diffrent
driver (tulip.c), but the leak is still present. During all these test
there have been several active dial in pppd running at the same time.

For those who don't know: 'nc' is netcat, a network utility.

Best Regards

Daniel Ryde, System Administrator
Tripnet AB Visit Address: Telephone: +46 31 7252500
Box 5071 Avagen 42 Facsimile: +46 31 7252501
Sweden Sweden

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