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SubjectRe: [2.1.65] New patch for serial port IRQ setup.
Alan Cox wrote:
> > I've been made aware that some manufacturers of internal modems recommend
> > using irq 2 for COM 4, while other recommende using irq 9. I've made this
> > a configuration option.
> You cannot share ISA interrupts between two standard seperate ISA cards
> in general. The way the cards are wired means that whoever has the strongest
> drivers sets the interrupt level.

Talking about sharing ISA interrupts, has PNP changed any of this?
This would've been a good time to change that situation: specify that
when in level triggered interrupt mode each card provides a pull-up,
and an active-low (if the lines are active-low). The pullup should be
specified to be 1/5th of the minimum requires sink current, allowing
upto 5 pull-up resistors in series: 5 cards can share an interrrupt.


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