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    SubjectRe: Sharing IRQs between the first 4 serial ports.
    On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

    > This patch (to change the behaviour of CONFIG_SERIAL_SHARE_IRQ) is
    > incorrect, and shouldn't be applied to the kernel sources.
    I've removed the CONFIG_SERIAL_SHARE_IRQ stuff in the last (final) patch.

    > The right answer is not to make more compile-time configuration options
    > to the kernel, but rather to use a run-time configuration solution, such
    > as setserial. In the future, when Linux has hardware plug-and-play
    > support, that will be the far better (automatic) run-time configuration
    > solution, at least for those people with hardware that can support
    > plug-and-play operation.
    Many people find it more logical to configure such things in the kernel.



    Niels Kristian

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