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SubjectRe: Opinion re 2.0.30->2.0.32 in stable production servers?
On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, John Robinson wrote:

> 'route' from as soon as it was available, then the
> 2.0.32 expecting to have patch appear to discover a reverse patch. It
> didn't, that 2.0.31-teardrop patch wasn't in the 2.0.31->2.0.32
> patch. Excuse my (relative) naivety, but why wasn't it, and should I

Read the diffs. The ip_frag patch is's just sufficiently
different from the one posted to bugtraq, that it was not tagged as being
a reversed or already applied patch.

> Second, your opinion please: for production servers do you believe
> 2.0.32 is or will prove to be superior to and more stable than 2.0.30,

Most likely. 2.0.32 is lots of little fixes, and went through several hopefully its all fixes and no new bugs.

> Third, probably a newbie query but the answer's out of date in the
> 'Welcome' FAQ, is there a changelog or similar accompanying patches
> that I just haven't found?

zless patch-2.0.32.gz

From time to time, various people have posted comments on the contents of
each patch, but I don't know if anyone's currently doing that.

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