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SubjectRe: Back in Production mode Again...

On 15-Nov-97 James G. Stallings II wrote:
>OK, Doug, I'll buy that- I've just come back up from that worst-case
>scenario. However, I'm at a loss for where to get the RAM. I mean, whip me
>for a dunce, but whats the diff? Is there a special place to get
>Gold-plated military-grade ram? ;)
>Seriously, I'd replace it if I knew a better place to get it than where I
>got it.

I've never had any problems getting mine from:

They have *damn* good prices, a warranty that they will actually honor (test
the RAM as soon as it comes in since the warranty isn't forever), and almost
always can get it to you at the drop of a hat. So far I've only sent one
piece of RAM back, and that was SDRAM and the problem wasn't that it was
faulty, it was that the piece I got wouldn't work with my motherboard (I
found out after the fact that SDRAM and motherboards are almost paired units
where the standard is weak enough that many times, not even the people you
buy the motherboard from are capable of telling you what SDRAM model you
need to work reliably).

E-Mail: Doug Ledford <>
Date: 15-Nov-97
Time: 14:13:35

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