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    SubjectRe: core dumps from multi-threaded (kernel cloned) processes wrote:
    > A refinement: assuming that you dump the register contents, stack
    > pointer included, for all the threads in the core created by the dying
    > thread, there's no reason to mark the others non-dumpable, assuming they
    > survive the experience. If one were to dump to "core.%d",pid_of_dead_thread,
    > instead of just to "core", that would be another reason not to mark the
    > other threads non-dumpable. Or, kill the whole heavyweight process
    > after dumping core from the perspective of the crashed thread.

    I'm a little unclear on the semantics of posix threads and seg faults --
    namely if the signal is not caught, does the whole process die, or just
    thread? If the former case, then I'd just terminate the whole
    process, but if the latter case, then I think that the linux pthreads is
    behaving incorrectly.

    by the way, does nayone know if where the ELF core file spec is -- which
    defines the notes of type "CORE"? [I have the ELF spec itself...]

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