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    Subject2.0.32 items (was NON IRQ DEADLOCK in 2.0.31)

    On 14-Nov-97 Rob Hagopian wrote:
    >I'm also wondering what's in 2.0.32 besides the f00f patch... anyone?
    > -Rob H.

    Lot's of minor bug fixes. A few major bug fixes. A short rundown of stuff
    in there includes:

    The usual updates for PCI devices
    Update for the ulaw.c sound driver file
    Stephen Tweedie's inode fix (the stuff about i_mmap ring corrupted, this
    is done differently than the approach Ben LaHaise took to the problem)
    Update to the 3c59x driver (to version 0.46c which has been reported to
    solve the transmitter errors and properly default the bus mastering)
    Update to the aic7xxx driver (fix a 2842 IRQ detect problem and a few
    device negotiation fixes as well)
    Update to the VM code (changes from Werner Fink and Ingo Molnar) to solve
    problems where the kernel locks up if it runs out of physical memory
    under certain conditions (news servers could trigger this rather easily)
    Update to locks.c to solve some race conditions
    Update to the IBM Token Ring driver
    Fix to solve /proc oops problems
    Fix to the rarp.c code in ipv4 so it won't forget to unregister its packet
    driver, and won't unregister it if it hasn't been registered (only effects
    the code if compiled as a module)
    APM screen blanking fix
    Pentium F0 0F bug fix
    Fix missing symbol exports so ext2fs can be a module
    Update to the kernel PPS time code (I think that's right....)
    Update to the FPU code so that apps that use the FPU can be debugged

    Other assorted fixes I can't remember right now.....

    E-Mail: Doug Ledford <>
    Date: 14-Nov-97
    Time: 14:31:06

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