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    SubjectRe: 2.1.63 - testing Pentium bug workaround..

    On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Todd Derr wrote:

    > Even with the fix, the PTE for the first page of the IDT has to be in
    > the TLB, otherwise we're right back in the same boat, right? (i.e. the
    > CPU would have to read the PTE from memory...)

    probably (i'm wildly speculating here), the bug is that the pentium puts a
    LOCK onto the memory bus while it reads the IDT[trap] descriptor ... and
    it forgets to give that LOCK line back. Now, you have to issue a LOCK line
    for reading a descriptor (it's 8 bytes), but you dont have to do it when
    reading a PTE. A PTE is only 4 bytes, which 32 bits is an atomic memory
    bus transaction anyway. And PTE reading happens _before_ reading the
    descriptor ... this small window enables us to do the page fault based

    but i guess this remains an Intel secret forever.

    -- mingo

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