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    SubjectRe: Progress on knfsd
    > What was happening is that I had inadvertently left a symlink in my
    > exported nfs directory, which pointed back to another partition. Knfsd
    > was then following the symlink and exporting an additional partition,
    > and since it's just using the inode number as a fileid (not a
    > pseudo-inode), there were lots of inode aliases. Once I removed the
    > symlink the problems disappeared.

    There seem to be two things wrong. First, knfsd should not follow symlinks:
    symlinks are followed on the client. Second, it is completely acceptable
    if an individual export only exports a single file system (i.e. device).
    This is what everybody else does, only on Linux, an export for the root
    file system also exports all mounted file systems.


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