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Hello, y'all....

I've got a bewildering problem. I recently did a reinstall of RedHat
linux to version 4.9.1 (yeah... I know beta, and all glibc). Once I
switched over, IP_Masq broke on me. I tried MANY different kernels.
2.0.30, 2.0.31pre9 and pre10, 2.0.31, 2.0.32pre1, 2.1.59, and 2.1.60.
None would pass IP_Masq packets. The LAN worked fine. The linux box can
connect to the internet fine. I had to backpedal to 2.0.29 for Masq to
work once more. Anyone have a clue as to why? Or any suggestions on
where/how to track this down?

I have an AMD K6, 32MB ram, 50mb swap, 4.0 WD EIDE drive, ATX motherboard.
Also, redhat 4.2 (libc5) ran kernel 2.0.30 fine with masq. This just
completely befuddles me. Nobody else with mustang (RH 4.9.1) has had the
same problems.


-Sir Woody Hackswell
(The ArchFool)

"The Fool escaped from paradise will look over his shoulder and cry
Sit and chew on daffodils and struggly to answer why?
As you grow up and leave the playground where you kissed your first prince
And found your frog, Remember the jester that showed you tears,
The Script for Tears." - Marillion "Script for a Jester's Tear"

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