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SubjectRe: Solaris
> On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Thomas Pornin wrote:
> > By the way, this list is about the linux OS, which has nothing to do
> > with Solaris (apart that linux is much better in many points of view).
> I would really like to run Solaris binaries on linux. As I undestand it,
> Solaris intel binaries are elf, so given the correct libraries, and loader
> conventions, it seems that there is a possibility of running Solaris
> binaries. According to SunSoft, there are 2500 applications ported to
> Solaris Intel (and 10000 applications are ported to Solaris Sparc) so
> there is some advantage to emulating Solaris (probably more advantage of
> Solaris emulation than SCO emulation at this point).

Linux/Sparc64 has now some sort of Solaris/SPARC emulation, it runs several
binaries, but not those using networking yet. And yes, those Solaris
binaries run faster than on native Solaris.

Jakub Jelinek | |
Administrator of SunSITE Czech Republic, MFF, Charles University
Ultralinux - first 64bit OS to take full power of the UltraSparc
Linux version 2.1.57 on a sparc64 machine (333.41 BogoMips).

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