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    HELP!!!   HELP!!!    HELP !!!

    Dear Friends

    I need to know in Linux TCP.h, how, is possible to modify the delay time
    before to acknoledge packets, from the default value to five seconds.
    I've modified the TCP_ACK_TIME value from 3 to 30.000 but I havent
    obtained the right result, some times the client wait before to send ack
    some times no.
    Should necessary to change others value ?
    I need this modification to minimize the numbet of ack packets in my
    satellite network (round trip delay of 1.5 sec) letting the ack
    procedure be done by data packets that are generated from the client at
    0,25 pack/sec (5 seconds should be ok).
    I'll be gratefull for every your suggestions

    Thanks in advance

    Francesco Gallo

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