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SubjectRe: 2.1.60 NFS probs...
Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
> However, the following rather painless message can be repeatably
> provoked by ( cd /usr/src/linux ; make menuconfig ), among other
> things:
> NFS: invalidating pending RPC requests
> Once this has happened, that process hangs, and any logins on other
> consoles fail also. Stopping and starting the NFS server fixes this
> and ps shows a
> /bin/sh scripts/Menuconfig arch/i386/
> in the "D" state and nothing else of particular interest.
> "ps l" claims that every process but itself is in "end" which I find
> vaguely confusing.
> It looks to me as if the machine is hanging processes in exactly the
> same places as it would previously have corrupted files.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for the report ... the pending RPC request problem looks very
interesting. If an RPC request is getting stuck, this previously would
have been a silent memory leak. I'll look into why this is happening


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