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SubjectRe: WinXX and Linux on a network
From said:
> They can ping me fine. UDP connections (talk, ytalk) seem to work.
> TCP connections (telnet (?), ftp, http, postgres, etc) don't work.
> Note that tcp connections FROM this machine to the WinXX machines
> work fine.

Are you using DNS? Try adding entries for the machines which need TCP access
into your Linux box in /etc/hosts. I had a problem with telnet access into a
Linux machine recently, with telnet sessions just hanging after connection. It
seems that tcpd or telnetd was trying to look up the originator by its IP
address, failing, and just sitting there doing nothing.

David Woodhouse, CB3 9AN Tel: 0976 658355
( Tel: 01279 402332 )

(Use the former; I'm going back to College next week.)

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