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SubjectRe: Process Migration on Linux - Impossible?

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, linux kernel account wrote:

> You want to look at beowolf and dipc. (beowolf is linux clustering; They
> have a kernel that shares a single process number space. Dipc does shared
> memory across computers).. Basically you'll want to make beowolf setup and
> add process migration..

I looked up Beowolf, it seems it would be nice on a fast network (Multiple
ppros and 100 megabit ethernet)...

But lets face it, that is too expensive; for most. I am admining six
linux boes (the most powerful a 486 dx50 with 16 megs of ram) on a 10
megabit ethernet serving 300+ computers an 1,000 + users

Beowolf is what we need to help our average load of 2.0+ to become around
1.4 atleast...

Is there a port for not so powerful server == what will the load be if
installed on my lil' network? and where can I find dipc?

Jon Torrez, LBJ High School Sr. Admin \/

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