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    SubjectRe: serial input overrun(s) using ide-cd
    On Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:41:15 -0400, mlord <> wrote:

    >> As I posted earlier, you could safely enable interrupts during IDE I/O
    >> for ISA/VLB users too if LILO/LOADLIN had a parameter to override the
    >> new default of ENABLED, accommodating anyone who needs the present
    >> default of disabled.
    >Not safe enough. About 50% of *all* VLB systems have this problem,
    >though it likely occurs only during simultaneous floppy disk usage.

    Fifty percent? How do you derive that number?

    If truly 50% of all VLB systems have that problem, then when VLB was
    prevalent FreeBSD would never have attained widespread use without
    disabling interrupts during IDE disk I/O as LInux does. But FreeBSD
    did attain widespread use and they did not disable interrupts.

    It all sounds like fearful Linux mythology to me.


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