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    SubjectRe: kernel 2.0.30 hangs with looped affs
    Tuukka Toivonen <> wrote:
    > I found a 100% repeatable way to hang kernel 2.0.30 and affs (Amiga Fast
    > Filesystem).
    > First, I have Amiga floppy image (say image.adf). Then I type
    > losetup /dev/loop0 image.adf
    > mount -t affs /dev/loop0 /mnt
    > The mount never returns.
    > [...]
    > Is this a well known problem (as it seems to be very easy to reproduce), or
    > should I give more information (and what)?

    It's not known, at least not to me. I know that you cannot
    mount an image that is _on_ an affs partition via loopback.
    (Due to the lack of a bmap() in affs). But you should be able
    to mount an affs image that is on some other partition fine.
    The affs in the 2.1.xx kernel has several bug fixes and
    other improvements; alas, it's not that simple to bring the
    'stable' version up to that (I did this around 2.1.3x, but
    it hasn't made it into 2.0.xx).

    > Btw, mount -t affs image.adf /mnt -o loop works fine.

    Since I don't know the difference between the two methods
    as far as the fs is concerned, I can't comment.

    Hopefully, I will have a new affs within the next, say 10, days.
    Then I could make another effort to update the 2.0 version, too.

    Hans-Joachim Widmaier

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