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Subjectencrypted loop filesystem
Where are the encrypted loop filesystem patches for Linux? I'm running

Some time ago I found a loop-9*.gz kernel patch (can't remember exactly the
filename), but it didn't work against 2.0.0. I wasn't going to upgrade my
kernel so I deleted the patch. Surprisingly I then patched my kernel up to
2.0.30, and I thought that perhaps it would work now.

The problem is just that i can't found the patch anymore ANYWHERE! I
checked Linux Mama, LinuxHQ, and several search engines (both general and
Linux specific). Only thing what I remember is that the patch filename was
loop-9*.gz and it has site somewhere in Canada.

I found a DES encrypted filesystem, but I wouldn't want to use it,
because it didn't use loop device but instead added several new commands.
And DES is slow.

And then, is someone actually using the loop-9 patch? Does it work well?
Does it patch against 2.0.30?

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