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SubjectRe: aha1542 vs. AVision 6240 scanner
On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Stephen Williams wrote:

> I'm having trouble with 2.1.57, and aha1542 and an AVision 6240 scanner.
> The SCSI card is being located just fine, but doing the SCSI bus probe,
> II am just getting a stream of error messages like these:
> aha1542_out failed(2): Sending DID_RESET for target 6
> [...] aborting command due to timeout [...]

I get these with a dying cdrom. Sounds like probably a bad cable or
unterminated device. My guess is on lack of termination.
Which 1542? <none>, A, B, or C?
(I have both A and B models - apparently 1542C has some advanced
termination options.)

> It seems to be locating the device, but can't read it. I am willing
> to guess hardware troubles (i.e. cable) but I was wondering if there
> are any known troubles with this card or device.

My computer had depended on this controller for the last 5 years... Can't
say as I've seen too many problems :)
(not anymore - now running aha2940UW... <g>. Works fine as long as you
don't enable any of the enhancements :)

Though I still use the 1542 to run that dying CDrom... I'd rather not
upgrade the cable :) It shares with 2940UW just fine without change.

G'day, eh? :)
- Teunis

[incidentally, it's nice running an OS that can handle multiple SCSI
controllers properly :]

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