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    SubjectRe: mcd-driver and joliet

    Erik Andersen writes:
    >Certainly one of
    >them should be eliminated, and mcdx seems to be cleaner and more
    >featureful (I have carefully read both drivers (I wish I knew where the
    >spec for the Mitsumi is hiding)).
    >I suppose that if noone can think of a good reason to keep the old mcd
    >driver around, I could completely drop it from the kernel as part of my
    >CD-ROM update for the 2.1.x kernel.

    Unfortunately, and I do mean unfortunately, there are drives that don't
    work with the mcd driver, and drives that don't work with the mcdx
    driver. Not all Mitsumi drives are created equal, it seems. I have
    not discovered any relationship with whether the drives are single or
    double speed, either.



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