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SubjectRe: 640 MB MOD's, sector-size 2048 bytes
"ing. George A. van Dorth" <> writes:

> I happen to have a M2513A MOD-drive from Fujitsu. I manage to format a
> 640MB disk under Win95 but I can't read it under Linux-2.0.30. Durring
> mounting it keeps on telling me that it can't handle a sector size of
> 2048 bytes which happen to be the format of this type of disk. I can

There is a patch for kernels 2.0.30 and 2.0.31pre9 (which also works with
pre10) on
Alternatively, you can use 2.1.57 which supports 2048 byte sectors out of
the box.

By the way, what's the point in including the same mail twice, once as
plain text (which is okay) and once as html (which seems rather useless to

Achim Oppelt, Schwedenstr. 25, D-91080 Spardorf, Germany

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