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SubjectRe: AMD k6 cosmetic problems
On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Neither does relying on uname. If you want to check for chip
> features, you should just read /proc/cpuinfo. With the "feature flag
> set" of the newer x86 chips, that's the *only* way you're gonna know
> what you have.

Thanks for jogging my memory! That's absolutely the right place to do it.
I'd completely forgotten about that... DUH! Too much ridin in the rain
or something like that... I wonder if we could hack something up with the
kernel to check that during a make config? Maybe as a default, cause I
know I DO make kernels for other machines at times... Hmm... I think
I'll try it this afternoon... I'll just check the family for now,
y'all can fill in other stuff if it's needed... Look for a patch if it's
worthwhile and workable...


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