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    SubjectRe: Linux (free s/w) support
    > In ka.lists.linux.kernel, James Mastros wrote:

    > >> btw, I've yet to come across a kernel which required me to live with
    > >> "factory defaults".

    > >Umm... Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1x, Soloris, SunOS, HP-UX, and any
    > >other kernel that dosn't come with source.

    > On HP-UX at least, you can relink your kerenel to suit you, without
    > necessarily getting the source. That's what their bundled C compiler
    > (the K&R, braindead one) is for.

    That's also true with SunOS as well. Solaris largely autoconfigures
    but there are some tunable files as well. Booting the Solaris kernel
    with -r (for rebuild) causes him to reprobe all the hardware and reconfigure
    his devices and reread any of the configuration files they use.

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