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    SubjectRe: Linux for JavaVM
    On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 wrote:

    > > Has anyone considered the possibility of porting linux to the JavaVM? I
    > I don't think that this is a possibility. C and Java are totally different
    > languages with different ways of managing memory, code calling, and program
    > design. There is no way you could simply re-write the code. When you have
    > something like a PASCAL or ADA program that you want to convert to C (or the
    > other way around) then you can mostly just replace syntax and rename variables
    > (I've done this sort of thing a few times). But Java and C are too different.
    > C++ to Java would be possible if the C++ was structured in the right way, but
    > not C to Java.

    Why translating the source to Java, just keep it in C or C++ but compile
    it for the Java VM... The important thing is to have the bytecode. I am
    wrong ?

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