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    SubjectRe: Memory allocation errors
    > POSIX defines malloc() and free() for user-mode dynamic memory
    > allocation and _deallocation_.

    It doesn't define it as deallocate to the OS. Deallocating it to the OS
    is counterproductive to most paging/virtual memory OS's as it fragments
    the virtual address space maps quite badly. For some cases the standard
    malloc behaviour is not ideal, but very few. You can use other malloc
    libraries for that. Another example where I use different malloc libraries
    is the multiuser game I wrote - here because the system malloc has a higher
    overhead and I allocate vast numbers of tiny objects. The malloc I use
    also knows about the game malloc order and thus optimises for page

    > If memory isn't freed, here's another "denial of services" ...

    Not really. The limits on memory size if set sort that.


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