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    SubjectRe: Mono terminal patches...
    ->Here's the trick: The software that cam with the card can also reconfigure
    ->the mouse. There are two address ranges (sorry, don't remember that they
    ->were), and I'm getting the impression that the secondary range is the
    ->default. The unfortunate thing is that the driver in the kernel only has
    ->the primary address defined. Therefore, you must either boot to DOS (eew)
    ->and change it (barring any conflicts, of course), or you have to modify
    ->the kernel code.

    Unfortuantelly no, this is the program which I was using to play /w
    mouse IRQ's, and I usually was trying it under the "primary" adddress

    Here is question, can you try dig out the card, and see if you still can
    get the mouse working w/ 2.0.28 and if so on what irq, address range
    and what kernel cfg and device.

    it should be something like :

    IRQ 5
    23Fh (I'll check this one when I get home)
    kernel compiled just w/ BusMouse suppport (only)
    the device C 10, 2 (either inportbm or busmouse)

    also even more important, does there shows any message during bootup
    that the mouse was found, something like is for PS/2 mouse.

    [root@ax /etc]# dmesg | grep PS/
    PS/2 auxiliary pointing device detected -- driver installed.
    [root@ax /etc]#


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